At Smellies we totally adore weddings, they are a huge part of what we do and we delight in helping couples come up with perfect combinations and choices for their big day.

Our 19 years of experience allows us to provide professional advice and direction; we hand select premium quality flowers from our suppliers and our team create all the designs with skill, care and attention to detail. We spend time listening, suggesting and understanding exactly who you are as a couple and how our work can help reflect that.

We offer a range of wedding packages to help take the stress out of arranging the flowers and making appropriate selections for your particular wedding date.  There is lots of scope within these packages to choose colours, blooms and foliages that are both seasonal and coordinated with your wedding style plan.

For those of you wanting something outside of these packages, we offer a complete bespoke designs service with our 'Majestic' package.  Here we will work with you to develop a unique. tailored concept that is distinctly your own. No request is too unusual or too great and we will hold your hand through every stage of the process, right up to the big day where we will be at your beck and call.

Drop us an email with your names, wedding date and reception location and we will forward all the information you need to get the creative process started.