Smellies employ our own dedicated delivery staff who are skilled in the care, transportation and handling of flowers and botanical stuff. These lovely ladies will deliver the flowers to their end destination with love and smiles when you provide the correct access and delivery details. They want you to know the following:

- If the property cannot be accessed due to locked gates, big angry dogs, apartments with buzzers or wrong address details, we bring the flowers back and nurse them until we have resolved the issue with you. You will be charged the delivery fee on the second trip, cos our delivery girls like to be paid for the wonderful service they provide.

- If the recipient is not at home or work, we will leave the flowers in a sheltered place or with a colleague so they get a BIG surprise when they get back. " We will leave cut flowers in a container or water so they stay looking their best." We can’t be responsible for the delivery if a tsunami hits, a feral, hungry animal eats the flowers or a naughty neighbor steals them, so please make sure the recipient is likely to be there!

- If you are sending flowers to a hospital and the patient has been discharged or moved, we will bring the flowers back to the shop and call you to tell you the good news about them getting healthy again. Our lovely delivery girls will gladly redirect the flowers to the recipients home and we will let you know the charge for delivery to this suburb.

- We do loads of deliveries all day during the week, so your delivery may arrive in the afternoon depending upon other orders we receive. If you have a specific delivery time in mind, let us know and the lovely delivery ladies will do their best to co-ordinate this, but no promises!

Payment policy

"We do not accept payments through Paypal that are not linked to a credit card”. If you wish to make a bank transfer for an order, please send us an email or call us direct to arrange this. Goods will not be dispatched until payment has been received by Smellies.

Substitution policy

Most of the materials featured in our online store are readily available and accessible, but sometimes supply can go astray due to the weather Gods, transport companies and unexpected low yields. You have to remember many of our products rely on the right balance of sun, water, heat, expertise and a little bit of luck to grow consistently well!
If something you have ordered is not on hand, we will take the liberty of substituting products where necessary whilst maintaining the same ‘essence’ and value of the design.

We will prioritise the substitutions in the following order:

1. Substitute with similar color (so the overall design is the same color scheme)
2. Substitute with similar flower (so the overall design is the same style)
3. Substitute with similar texture (so the overall design is the same ‘feel’)
4. Substitute with similar forms (so the overall design is the same ‘shape’)

In arrangements of a single flower variety (like a rose design) the flower variety will take precedence over color.
If we feel we cannot achieve a design that is pretty darn close to the one you ordered, we will be in contact to offer you a choice of alternatives. If you have particular wishes, you can add these to the “special instructions” section and our little floral design fairies will do their best to make these wishes come true!

Gripe policy

Sometimes stuff doesn’t always go yours and our way and there may be an issue arise which we want to hear about.

Quality gripe:
If there is a gripe with the quality or standard of product received from us, we expect you to let us know within 3 days of the order being delivered. A photograph will help us identify the problem and discuss a resolution with you. Gripes received after this period will be considered on an individual basis.

Delivery gripe:
If there is a gripe with the delivery service, please notify us within 24 hours. Many of these issues relate to incorrect delivery details being provided by you, so please ensure you have the right spelling, street name, phone numbers, suburb and postcode on the order form. Gripes received after this period will be considered on an individual basis.
Please use the “special instructions” box on the order page to tell us about access issues (like gates, big dogs), recipient’s working hours or the best spot to leave flowers if the recipient is not at home/work.